Maine Gun Owners Association Organizing Opposition To Million Mom March Rallies


The "Million Mom March" crowd is bringing their misleading anti-gun message to Maine beginning on Sunday, 7/18/04, in the form of a series of publicity-seeking activities in support of a renewal of the infamous, so-called "Assault Weapons Ban".

The Maine Gun Owners Association in conjunction with the Libertarian Party of Maine is organizing a "Counter-Rally" in opposition to the MMM's deceitful message.

We're asking gun owners in Maine to join together to show the MMM's....along with the media and a gullible public....that the misleading information being disseminated by the MMM's is unacceptable.

How should we protest the MMM's distortions of the truth? Simply by showing up at their "rallies" and respectfully but emphatically showing our disdain for their anti-gun message. I suggest everybody make up posters prior to arrival with short, sensible messages defending the Second Amendment and the legitimate use of firearms in self-defense. Mildly sarcastic and humorous posters, done tastefully, can be effective. Mounting the posters on 3 to 4-foot sticks is helpful for
visibility. Everyone's behavior should be civil and courteous at all times.

The MMM's schedule of events is:

Sunday 7/18 - Tourist Info Center on US Route 1 in Yarmouth, 4:00-5:00 PM.

Tuesday 7/20 - Congress Square next to the Eastland Hotel in Portland, Noon-1:00 PM.

Tuesday 7/20 - Deering Oaks in Portland @ Edith Jones Project Concert, begins @ 7:00 PM

You won't miss the MMM's. They're traveling the country in a bright pink 26-foot RV.

Tune into "Good Morning Maine!" on WLOB AM-1310 & FM-96.3 this coming Saturday (7/17/04) between 9:00-11:00 AM for more details. Also, check out the WEBSite later this week for any further details.

Let's have a BIG turnout! Hope to see you there!


Jeff Weinstein, President
Maine Gun Owners Association Inc