Friday, July 23rd, 2004
"Maine Voices" Column

"Million Moms" Aren't, But Few Are Checking

The Million Mom March completed its 3-day Maine Tour on Tuesday, July 20th, during which this menagerie of malcontents excelled in spreading misinformation and emotionally charged invectives against gun owners and the organizations that represent them.

The purported target of their tour was the expiration of the so-called "Assault Weapons Ban", which will end on September 13th.

But the real target is, and has been all along, much more than merely the renewal of an innocuous and ineffective law. The Million Moms ultimately want the registration and eventual confiscation of all firearms owned by ordinary citizens.

Those who think otherwise haven't perceptively read their own literature and that of their bosom buddies, especially the publications of the Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence and, here in Maine, Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence.

Here are a few observations about my "hanging out" in the Moms neighborhood for a few days: The Million Moms March is an organization steeped in ignorance, built upon lies and deception, and relying upon the uneducated naiveté' of citizens in Maine and across the nation in order to build a political base.

Rather than seeking truth, the Moms have already determined the truth in their own minds, and, using the "ends justify the means" approach to political action, have proceeded to gather and bend data that exclusively supports their already flawed conclusions about guns and gun usage.

And make no mistake about it, in spite of the Moms supposedly "non-profit, non-partisan" claims, they're staunch left-wing peacenik Democrats who hate George W. Bush and will say anything and do anything to elect John Kerry to the presidency.

The Moms are becoming a dangerous lot. Not because they have any significant political power. They don't.

Not because they have great numbers supporting their cause. The "million" in their name is illusory.

They're dangerous now because they oftentimes aren't effectively challenged in public venues. Too many gun owners and common-sense citizens have been keeping quiet while the Moms have spewed forth irrational and distorted claims about guns and their use.

For a long time, gun owners have considered their antics just plain "silly". While that may still be the case, the fact is that they've gained supporters within the general public because gun owners on one-hand, and especially many in the media on the other, have neglected to illuminate the populace on the fallacies, lies, and political motivations behind the Million Mom March crowd.

One would think that the media would accept its special responsibility to help citizens understand issues. Instead, the left-wing bias of many in the media, especially in the print media, obfuscate the pro-gun position in favor of those supporting gun control and confiscation.

The most notable demonstration of media bias is the denial or "non-reinforcement" of the individual's right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. If it isn't denial of the precise meaning of the Second Amendment, then it's ignorance.

Obviously, there's been little attempt to rectify this intellectual deficiency by much of the media. In fact, in lock-step with politicians of limited character, they persistently attempt to "re-interpret" what the Second Amendment means from what it originally meant.

My advice is that anyone who really wants to be educated about the Second Amendment go back to the speeches and writings of the Founders of our nation.

It shouldn't take too long to understand what they meant about gun rights. It's really quite clear. And it has little to do with hunting or sporting activities.

It has everything to do about freedom, self-preservation, self-defense, and the survival of the United States as a nation of free people.