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June 25th, 2003 @ 1:30 PM

FROM: Jeff Weinstein, MGOA President

TO: News Media Editors/Reporters

MGOA Challenges The Logic Of MCAHV's Gun Lawsuit Mentality

Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence (MCAHV), in a press release issued on June 24th, has castigated US Senator Olympia Snowe for supporting, along with US Senator Susan Collins, legislation (S.659) that would block frivolous lawsuits against firearms manufacturers. Jeff Weinstein of Yarmouth, President of the Maine Gun Owners Association (MGOA), views MCAHV's assertions "profoundly illogical and very disturbing in their portrayal of firearms themselves as being inherently dangerous."

"I commend both Senators Collins and Snowe for supporting this legislation, not simply because it helps protect the American firearms industry from an onslaught of ridiculous and irrelevant lawsuits, but because it also shows greedy trial lawyers and misanthropic anti-gunners that their thinly-veiled attempts to minimize or eliminate gun ownership is unacceptable in a free nation", said Weinstein. He added, "It's a very small step from allowing massive frivolous lawsuits against firearms manufacturers to morph into lawsuits against manufacturers of nearly every conceivable product consumers buy. In that sense, S.659 essentially protects all Americans, whether or not they're gun owners."

Weinstein took issue with MCAHV's research, calling it "consistently flawed and misleading". "MCAHV has a history of distorting facts in an attempt to mold public opinion for its own selfish and misguided purposes", he said.


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